About Sell2Gov GSA Services

Sell2Gov has worked for over a decade with small businesses in all types of industries – manufacturing, distributorships, and small service companies. Each client is different and their needs are different. At Sell2Gov we tailor our services to your requirements.

We offer targeted, focused opportunity searches. We don’t simply plug in some codes and numbers and leave you to wade through it all! We find opportunities appropriate for your company, and collaborate with you to adjust the search parameters so we find that ‘sweet spot’ – the targeted opportunities that you can bid on, without being buried in RFQs that are only vaguely applicable to your company!

We work with you to understand the requirements, find any specifications or drawings you may need, explain the impact of various Federal Acquisition Regulations, help you to understand shipping and labeling requirements, collaborate with you to create your capability statement, work with you to write a Technical Proposal if one is needed, clarify the submission requirements, and follow up on the proposal until it is awarded.

GSA contracts can be a great addition to your federal marketing toolbox – but not all products and services are appropriate for a GSA contract, and not all companies will automatically benefit from one. A GSA contract comes with no guarantee of sales.

At Sell2Gov we can help you understand if the GSA schedule program is appropriate for your company. Don’t spend time and effort preparing and submitting the proposal without a clear understanding of how the contract works; its terms and conditions; how and when you can increase pricing; when you MUST decrease pricing; how to add or delete products and services; sales tracking and reporting requirements after award.

Once you have decided that pursuing a GSA contract is right for your company, we can work with you to prepare and submit your proposal, advise you during the final contract negotiation phase, and upload your formal GSA contract catalog after award. We also offer our services to keep your contract current and compliant, including contract modifications, and options.

Sell2Gov is proud to have worked with Career Press to publish two well-reviewed books on the federal contracting market.

Winning Government Contracts” (Career Press 2008) showed small businesses how to get involved in selling to the federal government, taking a step-by-step approach, and assuming no previous knowledge of this marketplace.

The Definitive Guide to Government Contracts” (Career Press 2010) updates the information on the earlier book, and was expanded to include details on how to research, submit and maintain a GSA Schedule Contract award.

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