Alphabet soup: F is for…FAR

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) apply to all federal contracting, and are used by all federal agencies when they purchase supplies or services. Every solicitation will cite these regulations. The FAR is divided into 52 sub-sections, each dealing with a specific aspect of federal acquisition law. 


In addition, each federal agency can issue its own supplements. For example, the Department of Defense’s Supplemental Regulations are known as the DFARS

Find their website here.


FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations 

Regulations governing federal purchasing. May be supplemented by specific agency regulations. (See also GSAM and DFARS)

FAT First Article Testing

Agency may require FAT for some items.

FBO Federal Business Opportunities

Website listing federal contract opportunities estimated to be valued at $25,000 and above.

FEMP  Federal Energy Management Program

Dept of Energy environmental  program 

FFP Firm Fixed Price

The awarded price is fixed for the life of the contract.

FOB Destination 

FOB Origin

Free on Board (Also known as Freight on Board.) 

FOB Destination indicates that the contractor will pay all charges to the specified point of delivery.

FOB Origin indicates that freight is pre-paid by the contractor.

FPDS Federal Procurement Data System

With a few exceptions, all federal contracts over $3,000 must be reported to this site. A great source for market research.

FPI Federal Prison Industries

A US government corporation that uses inmate labor to produce goods and services which may only be sold to federal government agencies. (See UNICOR)

FSC Federal Supply Classification

Codes used to classify products

FSS Federal Supply Schedules

GSA’s schedules program (see GSA)

FTR  Federal Travel Regulations

Regulations governing federal travel


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