Big Changes Coming to GSA Schedules!


Starting in October, GSA will consolidate the separate GSA Schedules into one Consolidated Schedule for all products, services, and solutions.

This is great news for both Vendors and their federal customers!  Terms and conditions will be consistent across all schedules.  Federal customers will be able to find what they need in one contract. Small businesses will no longer have to submit and manage multiple GSA contracts.

Note that this consolidation will NOT include the 9 VA schedules for medical supplies and services.

The 24 Schedules being consolidated are:

  • Human Capital Management & Administrative Support (738 X)
  • Publication Media (76)
  • Cameras, Photographic Printers & Related Supplies/Services (67)
  • Office Products, Supplies/Services (75)
  • Packing, Packaging Supplies/Services (81 I B)
  • Comprehensive Furniture Management (71 II K)
  • Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation Trophies & Signs (78)
  • Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Record/Reproducing, Signal Data Solutions (58I)
  • Office, Imaging and Document Solutions (36)
  • Furniture (71)
  • Furnishings and Floor Coverings (72)
  • Facilities Maintenance and Management (03FAC)
  • Hardware Superstore (51 V)
  • Scientific Equipment and Services (66)
  • Building and Building Materials, Industrial Services and Supplies (56)
  • Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Mgmt, Fire/Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft, Emergency/Disaster Response (84)
  • Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning, Equipment/Supplies, Chemicals & Services (73)
  • Temporary Administrative & Professional Staffing Services – TAPS (736)
  • Transportation, Delivery & Relocation Solutions (48)
  • General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software & Services (70)
  • Professional Services Schedule (00CORP)
  • Automotive Superstore (23 V)
  • Leasing of Automobiles & Light Trucks (751)
  • Travel Services Solutions (599)





Oct 2019:  The new consolidated contract solicitation will be released on FedBizOpps.  This new consolidated contract will replace all 24 existing GSA schedules.   While the terms of the new schedule will not change significantly, certain NAICS codes and SIN numbers will be consolidated, and duplications eliminated.

Jan 2020:  GSA will issue a Mass Mod to all current contract holders containing the terms/conditions of the new schedule.  (If you have more than one schedule contract you’ll receive a Mass Mod for each one separately).  The Mod will map existing SINS to the new SINS in the consolidated contract.

Note that if you currently hold multiple GSA contracts they will NOT be consolidated at this point, even though accepting the Mass Mods means they’ll have identical terms and conditions.

At this point you could consider adding add new products or services, under SINS that would have previously been unavailable to you without submitting a completely new Schedule proposal.

Summer of 2020:  GSA will reach out individually to each company currently holding more than one schedule contract, and work with you on a plan to consolidate them into a single contract.

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