Could a Federal Government Contract Benefit Your Small Business?

The US federal government purchases all kinds of goods and services. Large corporations are awarded millions of dollars in federal government contracts, but are there government contracts that could be appropriate for your small business?

Federal Acquisition Regulations require Contracting Officers to make every effort to find qualified small businesses who can be awarded a federal government contract.  They make every effort to reach out to small, disadvantaged, 8a, woman-owned or veteran-owned small businesses.

Make sure that your company profile in the System for Award Management is current, accurate and includes company qualifications, NAICS codes, certifications, skills and experience.  Make full use of key words and descriptions.  Make is easy for contracting officers to find you, so they can consider your company for a government contract.

Every agency has its own Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization, dedicated to help small businesses gain government contracts with that agency.  Prime contractors are always looking out for small businesses to subcontract to, a great way to gain experience performing on a government contract.

Government contracts and sub-contracting

GSA’s subcontracting directory helps small businesses looking for government contracts to find work as subcontractors with GSA prime contractors.

The directory lists large prime contractors who have received federal government contracts valued at over $650,000 (or over $1.5 million for construction contracts).

The SBA’s Sub-Net helps you search for Federal government contracts, acting as a sub-contractor to prime contractors.

The Supplier Connection allows you to send information about your products and services to large companies.

Look in the Mirror – Capabilities, Differentiators.

Determine your company’s core capabilities.  What differentiates you from your competitors? Why should the agency award you a government contract? Are your products made in the USA? Do you offer fast delivery, a range of accessories or upgrades?  Does your service save the agency time and money? Focus on how your company can benefit the agency.

Get on the Radar

If you are serious about getting a government contract, agencies need to know you exist!  Attend local Industry Days or trade shows; create a Capability Statement to introduce yourself to agencies and buyers.


For more information or for assistance in securing government contracts or making the most of your GSA Schedule, please visit or contact us at 502.452.6851 with any questions.

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