Federal Agencies Encourage Purchase of ‘Green’ Products


Federal agencies must ensure that 95% of new contracts for products are for items that are energy-efficient; water-efficient; biobased; environmentally-preferable; are non-toxic or use less-toxic alternatives; are non-ozone depleting; or are made with recovered materials.



Products listed on GSA’s Advantage website can include a number of ‘Green’ icons to identify the products’ attributes – buyers can search for products with these icons..


FAR Part 23, Subpart 23.1 and 23.7 discusses sustainable purchasing


Contractors are encouraged, wherever possible to use packaging which has less plastic or paperboard; has more recycled content; uses less energy; and is easier to dispose of.


In order to reduce the environmental aspects of transporting goods, contractors are also encouraged to participate in the EPAs SmartWay Transport Partnership



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