GSA: Changes to Professional Service Schedules

Currently there are 8 different GSA schedules offering services, and the scopes of these schedules frequently overlap.  GSA plans to consolidate them into a single Professional Services Schedule.

For a contractor with services covered by more than one schedule, each needing to be managed and administered separately, this can be a drain on the company’s time and resources. Consolidating services into a single schedule should make contracts easier to use, and reduce administrative costs.

What Schedules may be affected?

  • Consolidated Services (Schedule # 00CORP)
  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (Schedule # 874)
  • Professional Engineering Services (Schedule # 871)
  • Financial and Business Solutions (Schedule # 520)
  • Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (Schedule # 541)
  • Logistics Worldwide (Schedule # 874V)
  • Environmental Services (Schedule # 899)
  • Language Services (Schedule # 738II)


What changes will be made?

Existing contracts migrating to the new Professional Services Schedule will not see any changes to their contract number, SIN numbers, performance period or terms and conditions.  Changes will include re-branding of the new schedule, and changing the solicitation number via a Mass modification.

Migration to the new Professional Services Schedule will begin in Dec this year or Jan 2015.

Existing schedules will be closed to new offers at the end of Feb 2015, and will be accepted via the new Professional Services schedule beginning in March 2015.


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