GSA is looking for Innovative Building Technologies.

GSA is looking for Innovative Building Technologies.

Each year, GSA’s Green Proving Ground program looks for new technologies that can improve environmental performance in Federal buildings.

The latest Request for Information will select technologies to test as part of the 2015 program, and is open for proposals until November 7th.

Proposals will be evaluated for:

  • Innovation:  the technology represents a technological innovation or transformation
  • Performance: Reduced energy/water consumption or greenhouse gas emissions. Improved indoor environmental quality, tenant satisfaction or operation and maintenance processes.
  • Deployment:  Suitable for large-scale deployment within GSA’s portfolio of buildings.
  • Costs/Savings: Life-cycle benefits, first cost and annual savings potential.
  • Value:  accelerated commercialization or widespread deployment of the technology.
  • Risk: Technical concerns.  The amount of development work needed before beginning the study.



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