GSA Reverse Auctions is Now Open to Non-Contract Holders

GSA Reverse Auctions allows agencies to buy simple products and services. The platform has been restricted to GSA contract holders, and the products and services awarded on their schedule contracts. Buyers have always been able to add certain “Open Market” items (those not currently on contracts) as long as they were supplemental to the main purchase.

Now the platform has broadened to allow non-contract holders to register and bid, alongside GSA contract holders and companies participating in an agency Blanket Purchase Agreement.

There will be no fees for awards made via an existing GSA schedule contract or BPA, but there will be a fee charged to a winning bid from a non-contract holder.  However, the fee will be waived initially, and won’t apply until September 30, 2015.

The platform works in a similar way to FedBid Reverse Auctions

If you currently have a GSA or VA Schedule contract, and have registered in eBuy, you are automatically registered in the GSA Reverse Auction Platform.

If you do not currently have a GSA or VA contract, you may register as an Open Market Vendor, as long as you have registered at the System for Award Management.  Use your DUNS number to register in the Reverse Auction Platform. When you register, you should include as many NAICS codes as are applicable to your company.

Once the auction is closed, the system will notify the apparent lowest bidder, and will send an email to the bidders that were not selected, but it will not disclose the name of the awardee.

If you are a current GSA contract holder, you may offer a discount off your GSA pricing during the auction, and this will not invoke the Price Reductions clause in your contract.

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