How to Prepare a GSA Contract Proposal – Part Two: Research and Read

Preparing a GSA Proposal can be time-consuming and complex, but breaking down the work into smaller parts can make it more manageable – remember that you can submit your GSA proposal at any time, so it’s important to take the time to understand the terms of the contract before you submit.

In an earlier blog we discussed some basics: obtain a DUNS number; register at SAM; and buy a digital certificate for the person in your company who will act as the contract Administrator and submit the proposal.

We also discussed two training courses that you must complete before you submit – Pathways to Success and the Readiness Assessment.  These courses help you understand the terms of the contract you will be signing with GSA, and the administrative responsibilities you’ll need to fulfill over the course of this multi-year contract.

Once you’ve completed these tasks its time to move to the next steps:


Locate the Appropriate Schedule/SIN

Find the schedule that’s most appropriate, and then drill down to find the Special Item Numbers (SINs) that best apply to the products or services you intend to offer.


Research the Competition

Use GSA’s eLibrary to locate the contractors on that Schedule/SIN.  Check out the products/services they offer and their prices, delivery and terms.  Can you be competitive?  This doesn’t necessarily mean a race-to-the-bottom in terms of pricing – perhaps you can offer a broader range of products, more repair or maintenance support, or faster delivery. For services you might offer a wider range of experience, or a more comprehensive approach.


Read the Solicitation Document

From GSA’s eLibrary you’ll be able to link to the Schedule documents posted to FedBizOpps.  Download and read through all the documents closely.  It’s dull but important reading – remember that you’ll be bound by these regulations and terms, so don’t take this step lightly!

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