J is for….. J&A

Justification and Approval (J&A) documents are required whenever an agency plans to award a contract on a Sole Source basis – when the agency is only aware of a single company qualified to supply that product or service.

There are specific criteria that allow the agency to justify the sole source contract, including:

  • Unusual and Compelling Urgency: the agency’s need for a product or service is urgent.
  • Specialized Knowledge or Expertise: only one contractor has extensive knowledge in a particular area.
  • International Agreement or Treaty: competition is precluded by the terms of an International Agreement or Treaty.
  • Required by Statute: agencies are sometimes required to purchase products or services from a particular source, such as the Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) or the Association for Blind or Severely Disabled (JWOD).
  • National Security: disclosing the agency’s needs would compromise national security.
  • Public Interest: the agency head determines that it is not in the public interest.

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