Leaping the Hurdles to Government Contracts

When it comes to landing federal contracts, it might seem that big businesses have all the advantages – they have built up relationships with agencies, and have the funds and legal teams at the ready. For a small business, federal contracts can seem almost entirely out of reach.

But small businesses have many advantages, and understanding how to leverage them can increase your chances of earning a lucrative and stable government contract. There are countless opportunities to be seized by small businesses, and many special programs designed to highlight businesses that fall into specific niches. With the right approach, you can leverage your company’s unique traits, and position your small business to win.

At Sell2Gov, we’re experts in the process of earning federal contracts. We work exclusively with small businesses and offer a wide range of services designed to help you land a contract. We cover basic registrations, set-aside programs, targeted bidding, approved vendor status, GSA Contracts, market research, and more.

We work with businesses that have no experience, as well as those who have some knowledge of the market and wish to take their business to the next level.  We can help craft a government proposal submission or assist with marketing. We can work with you to find the contract that best suits you.

For more information about working with federal contracts,  or if you are considering a federal proposal, please visit www.sell2gov.com or contact us at 502.452.6851 with any questions.

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