Maximizing Government Sales – GSA SmartCard

For small purchases under $3,500 (known as ‘Micro-Purchases’), federal government employees don’t need to go through a formal bidding process.  They simply use their government-issued debit card (SmartCard) to make their purchases. Federal employees use these cards to pay for commercial goods and services, travel and fleet expenses.

With about 3.4 million cards in circulation, GSA’s SmartPay program is the largest government-wide charge card payment program in the world.

Using a SmartCard means there are no order forms to process, and reduce your billing and collection costs.

If you already accept cards from the commercial sector, you have no additional work to do – the GSA SmartPay cards operate just like any other corporate charge card.

You may use the GSA SmartPay logo on your website, to indicate that you accept these cards


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