Recent Hack Prompts Changes to SAM Registration Process

Yesterday’s blog talked about the recent hack into the System for Award Management (SAM) site,  where some registered companies found their bank account information altered, allowing  contract payments to be re-routed to a hacker’s bank account.

In order to strengthen the security of the system, from now on SAM will require an original, signed notarized letter, identifying the company’s authorized Administrator, before activating any new registration.

The notarized letter must be on company letterhead; signed by your company President, CEO, or other authorized signature authority; include your company’s DUNS Number, Legal Business Name, physical address; and the authorized Administrator’s name, phone number, address, and email .

The Authorization letter must contain a series of specific statements, including whether or not your account will be managed by a third-party.

This process only applies to any NEW registrations.  If you are already registered at SAM, you should check the accuracy of your records – particularly the financial/bank account details – on a regular basis.


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