Teamwork – Contractor Teaming Arrangements

In the world of government contracting, your small business may not have everything you need to win a big job … but that doesn’t mean you should count yourself out.

A Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) allows two or more GSA Schedule contractors to offer an agency a total solution, that combines supplies or services from each company’s GSA Schedule contract.


As a Schedule contractor, the CTA lets you:

  • Compete for orders you wouldn’t otherwise qualify to bid on
  • Increase your market share
  • Reduce risk by sharing responsibility
  • Focus on your company’s strengths
  • Take advantage of socio-economic status to give a competitive edge.


If you are interested in finding a business that may want to team with you, you should visit GSA eLibrary to find a Schedule contractor who matches the criteria you are seeking.

CTAs are NOT the same as Prime-Subcontractor arrangements, since all members of the team are equal parties to the contract.

GSA’s CTA training video series on YouTube could be a good place to begin.

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