Your Partner in Finding Government Contracts

For the small business owner looking to make first contact with the United States government, finding opportunities and ensuring you pursue them correctly and efficiently can seem like an almost impossible task. There’s immense competition, and government contracts are not known for being simple, transparent, or efficient in their bidding and application procedures. Simply put, an inexperienced contractor is going to have a difficult time landing a government contract without some sort of help.

At Sell2Gov, we’re experienced industry leaders when it comes to assisting small businesses with government contracts. For over a decade we have advised businesses in every industry imaginable as they worked to locate government opportunities and to take advantages of those opportunities with timely, competitive contracts. Our goal is simple: to provide targeted, specific government opportunities that empower you to make an immediate decision, rather than sifting through hundreds of unrelated contract options. We make it easy to find the opportunities you need.

We’re also adept at helping businesses determine whether or not a GSA contract is right for them. While there are indeed contracts for thousands of types of goods and services, the GSA schedule program isn’t always the right fit for every single business. We’ll work with you to get an idea of whether a GSA contract is the best match for your business. If it is, we’ll help you prepare and submit your proposal and give you a hand during the contract phase to ensure you’re informed and ready to proceed.

We consider ourselves advocates in our clients’ success. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses to find lucrative GSA contracts, and we’re ready to do the same for you. For more information or inquiries please visit or contact us at 502.452.6851.

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