Managing Your GSA Contract – Current, Complete, Compliant

Once you have been awarded a GSA Schedule contract, remember that this is just the beginning! You must be able to keep your contract current and compliant, and you must market your contract to agencies in order to be sure you meet the minimum sales requirements ($25,000 in the first 2 years, and $25,000/yr in subsequent years).

Basis of Award
On award of your GSA contract, you receive a Final Proposal Revision Letter (FPL) or a Best and Final Offer (BAFO) document, summarizing your contract’s Basis of Award. GSA refers to this throughout the term of your contract, to ensure that you are compliant with the terms and conditions. Keep this document safe, and refer to it often – understanding the terms of your contract will help you to avoid any compliance issues. The document includes:

  • The Basis of Award and your Most Favored Customer (MFC)
  • The price/discount relationship between your GSA and MFC prices
  • Shipping Terms (FOB Origin or Destination)
  • Any additional discounts, such as for quantity or volume orders
  • Delivery terms (# days after receipt of order, expedited shipping)


  • Register at the Vendor Support Center (VSC). You will receive a password – keep it safe!
  • Use your Contract number and your VSC password to register at e-Buy.
  • Keep your registration at the System for Award Management (SAM) current.

GSA Advantage! is GSA’s online catalog of products and services. You must upload your approved contract price list and Terms document within six months of award – even if your products/services aren’t generally purchased online. Only include your approved pricing, products, and services. Download the Vendor Startup Kit and the Schedule Input Program (SIP). Create a series of spreadsheets with prices, descriptions and photographs to upload. Once approved, they will appear on the Advantage site.

The eBuy quoting system allows GSA Contractors to respond to RFQs posted by federal buyers. These opportunities are not posted to FedBizOpps – they are only available to GSA contract holders.

Your Contracting Officer and potential federal buyers will use your eLibrary page to contact you, so be sure the information is current.

This is a long-term contract, and you must keep your pricing and catalog information up-to-date. Modifications must be submitted via GSA’s eMod system, and include:

  • Adding or deleting product or services
  • Price increases or decreases
  • Changes to administration details address; phone; Points of Contact
  • Once approved, you make the changes to your SIP catalog, and re-upload to Advantage.

Modifications requests are posted via the eMod system using your digital certificate. Once approved, you make the changes to your SIP catalog, and re-upload to Advantage.

There are various reports that must be submitted, either annually or quarterly, including:

  • 72(a) Report. Quarterly report of all sales via your GSA contract – even if you have NO sales. Used to calculate the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) you must pay GSA (0.75% of sales).
  • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Quarterly report of any sales subject to this act.
  • Veteran’s Employment Reporting (VETS-100). Annual report on your company’s efforts in employing veterans.

GSA Sales & Basis of Award Customers
Track your Basis of Award customer pricing carefully. If you offer a greater discount or a lower price to your Basis of Award customer, this could trigger the Price Reductions Clause(FAR 552.238-75), and may require you to offer the same discounts to your GSA Contract pricing.

Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV)
Contractor Assistance Visits are conducted mid-way through your initial 5-year contract term, and again 6-12 months before your contract renewal. The Contractor Report Card indicates how well your company manages and complies with GSA contract terms. The report looks at compliance via 3-tier system. Category 1 items are considered both mandatory and critical, and failure in any of these items will result in a rating of “Serious Concerns Exist”. The report can show you the areas that GSA will concentrate on, when it considers if you are compliant with contract terms.

Additional Resources

  • Eligibility to Use GSA Sources – A list of all entities authorized to purchase from the GSA Federal Supply Schedules.
  • Trade Agreements Act (TAA) – Only US-made or Designated Country end products can be sold under a GSA Schedule contract. Designated countries may be World Trade Organization countries; Caribbean Basin Countries; Least Developed Countries; or Free Trade Agreement Countries.

Managing your GSA Contract can be complicated and time-consuming.
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Contract Modifications and uploads to GSA Advantage.
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