Capability Statement

What is a Capability Statement?
A Capability statement is a brief, one-or-two page document that outlines your company’s capabilities, experience, and relevant federal codes and designations. Used correctly it can be a powerful tool to introduce your company to federal agencies.

Unlike a corporate brochure, your Capability statement is brief, no more than one or two pages, emphasizes your customer or project experience, and lists the codes relevant to federal contracting (GSA contract #; CAGE code; NAICS codes; small business status, and set-asides).

The Capability statement should be brief, to the point, and related to a specific agency’s needs. Each agency has its own mission and focus, and your Capability statement should reflect the requirements of each targeted agency.

Ask Not What the Agency Can Do for You; Ask What You Can Do for the Agency…
Demonstrate your core competencies and differentiators. What makes your company different? What can you offer the agency? Remember to focus on the value to the agency. How can your company help the agency to fulfill its mission? Your Capability Statement should reflect the customer’s perspective.

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