Agencies Offer Help for Small Businesses

Every agency has its own Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU), dedicated to help small businesses sell to that agency. Some of the available information includes:

  • A list of small business specialists who can give you advice and guidance
  • A list of prime contractors looking for subcontractors
  • Guides on how to do business with that agency
  • Regularly scheduled free outreach sessions
  • Nationwide networking conferences where the agencies will be exhibiting
  • Sample forms for networking
  • Agency budgets and lists of what the agency buys
  • Procurement forecasts showing what the agency plans to buy this fiscal year


The Dept. of Labor’s OSDBU has a Small Business Procurement Power Page , which includes information on the mission of each DOL agency; what each agency buys; a booklet which describes different agency functions;  Annual Acquisition Plan and Procurement Forecast;  and various Department Contracting Information.


The Dept. of Agriculture website lists the Small Business Points of Contact for many federal agencies, and includes the names and contact details for the Directors of each Small Business Office. The list includes contact details for many federal agencies, including the departments of Agriculture, Defense, Air Force, Education, Army, Energy, Commerce, Health & Human Services, Housing, Navy, Interior, State, Justice, Transportation, Labor, Treasury, Veterans Administration, Environmental Protection, Emergency Management, GSA, NASA, Homeland Security and others.

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