Alphabet Soup: B is For… Basis of Award


BAA Broad Agency Announcement. 

A notice that requests scientific or research proposals from private firms. The proposals submitted may lead to contracts.

BEES Building for Environmental & Economic Sustainability

Program to encourage environmentally friendly building practices.

BOA Basic Ordering Agreement 

A general outline of the supplies or services required. 

BOA Basis of Award

Used in GSA contract awards to determine the class of commercial customer on which to base your GSA award. Establishes a price/discount relationship between your BOA customer and GSA. (See also MFC)

BOD Bid Opening Date

The final date that a bid must be received by the appropriate government office. Particularly for IFB, sealed bidding .

BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement. 

An agreement between a federal agency and a vendor which allows the agency to make purchases on an as-needed basis. 

BVP Best Value Purchasing

An agency may consider factors other than price when making a Best Value award.  (See also FFP, LPTA)

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