Best Websites for Market Research

Information on contracting with the Dept. of Defense;, details on programs and other initiatives.
Agencies use the site for market research, to find small businesses under a specific NAICS code. Prime contractors use this site to find appropriate sub-contractors or teaming partners.
All federal agencies post opportunities over $25,000 to this site, as well as Market Research requests, event information and more.
 A central point for access to procurement agencies, documents, acquisition forecasts, assistance, and federal acquisition regulations.
 Searchable data all federal contracts over $3,000, including modifications.
Helps businesses seeking to compete in federal, state and local government contracting. PTACs provide a range of expert services at little or no charge.
Retired Business Executives – mentors offer assistance at no charge.
Prime contractors post subcontracting opportunities for small businesses.
When a large business is awarded a federal contract over $650,000, they must submit a subcontracting plan.
Federal spending data & awards.
Drill down capability.

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