FedBizOpps – More than Just RFQ Notices

If you’re only using FedBizOpps to search for RFQ/RFP opportunities, you may be missing out on a lot of great information. For any large opportunity, agencies must do a great deal of market research in advance, to determine the best procurement approach.

Sources Sought -Market Research – Request for Information

This is one way the agency reaches out to industry. Can the opportunity be set-aside for a small, veteran or woman-owned   business?  If the agency believes there are at least 2 capable, responsive businesses in a specific socio-economic category, then the future procurement can be set-aside for them. (This is known as the ‘Rule-of-Two’).

Pre-Solicitation – Draft Solicitation

Once the draft solicitation is posted, there will be an opportunity for you to submit questions or make suggestions about any aspect of the bid.  All questions and answers will be posted to FBO (without disclosing who submitted the question).  Amendments are often posted after the Q&A session, updating or clarifying aspects of the bid.

Industry Days – Site Visits

The agency may arrange a site visit, or an Industry Day.  Even if you can’t attend, this is often followed up with a PowerPoint presentation, a list of Agency points-of-contact and end users, and a list of attendees

Interested Vendors

This tab in FBO allows you to check out possible Joint Venture or Subcontracting opportunities.


Use FedBizOpps to find award information for previous similar contracts with the agency.  You can also directly ask the Contracting Officer if there is an incumbent, and the award contract number.  Awards information can also give you information on contracts that may be up for renewal in the next 3 -6 months.

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