GSA Contract Compliance – Report Cards

Being a successful GSA Schedule contractor is about more than just getting sales – you must also comply with the specific terms and conditions of your contract.  


GSA conducts a periodic assessment of how well you are fulfilling your contract’s terms and conditions, highlights any issues that need improvement, and issues a ‘Contractor Report Card’.


You should expect to receive two report cards during the five-year base contract period. The first one will be sometime around the mid-term point, two years or so after your contract is awarded.  A second report will be issued before GSA initiates an option to extend your contract for another 5 years.


Report cards are classified into three categories:

Category 1: Critical – essential to the continued success of your contract 

Category 2: Mandatory –  compliance with important contract requirements.  

Category 3: Above and Beyond – distinguishes between “Very Good” and “Exceptional” contractors.  

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