GSA Contract Compliance – Report Cards – Part Two


Yesterday I posted information about GSA’s Contractor Report Card, and discussed the questions contained in the Category 1 (Critical) section of the report. Failing to meet any one of these criteria will result in a rating of ‘Serious Concerns Exist’

Category 2 questions are Mandatory, but not critical.  If all Category 1 questions have been answered satisfactorily, then failing one question in this section will still result in a ‘Very Good’ rating. Failing 2 or 3 questions will result in a ‘Satisfactory’ rating, and failing more than that will result in a ‘Marginal’ rating

Questions include:

  • Are your Sales Reports submitted on time?
  • Have you paid the required Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) on time?
  • Are all prices and descriptions up-to-date on GSA Advantage?
  • Have you been delivering on time, as stated in your Contract?
  • Are you honoring the warranty terms of your contract?
  • Can you accept payment via a Government-wide Purchase card (SmartCard)?
  • Are all the Administrative details on your contract correct, and posted on GSA Advantage? Address, Telephone, Points-of-Contact?
  • If applicable, have you complied with any corporate Novation or Change-of-Name Agreements?
  • If you have dealers who participate in your contract, are they accurately listed in your Contract Price-list, and on GSA Advantage?
  • If you offer prompt payment discounts, are these terms shown on all invoices?


If you have any questions about this, please contact Deb at, or call (502) 452-6851 – we’d be happy to help!

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