GSA Plans to Consolidate Schedules


Right now, if a business wishes to offer their products and services via a GSA Schedule Contract, they have to submit a proposal under one of 24 different ‘Schedules’  – Schedule 70 for IT equipment; Schedule 73 for cleaning supplies; Schedule 03FAC for Facility Maintenance Services; Schedule 736 for Temporary Staffing Services – and so on.

Many businesses that offer a range of products and services find that they need more than one Schedule contract. This means two separate contracts where they must track sales, submit reports, and keep in compliance.


Today, GSA announced it will begin consolidating these separate schedules into one single Schedule for both products and services. The single Schedule will have one set of terms and conditions, ensuring more consistency in contracting practices.

GSA expects the consolidation will be phased in over about 2 years.


An Industry Day about this ‘Federal Marketplace Initiative’ will be held on December 12th

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