GSA’s Green Proving Ground RFI for 2017


GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program helps federal agencies find effective ways to reduce energy use, water consumption, and carbon emissions.  The program uses GSA’s own facilities to test innovative building technologies and provide recommendations on their deployment. The program looks at technologies that are in the early-commercial stages of development, and aims to speed up the transition to commercial viability.

Each year’s program focuses on a set of specific technologies. The 2017 program will be focused on the following categories:

  1. Smart Energy Analytics – Building energy management technologies, components or cross-system building information and control systems.
  2. Cold Climate Heat Pumps – Technologies that improve heat pump efficiency in cold climates.
  3. Fans and Blowers – Technologies that improve fan energy performance.
  4. Chillers, Refrigerants, and Alternatives to Vapor Compressor HVAC – Technologies that improve refrigerant system efficiency, or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or both.
  5. Water conservation and reuse – Technologies and processes that reduce water usage or reuse water resources.

Responses to the 2017 Request for Information are due by November 18th 2016.

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