GSA’s New Cyber Security SIN will be available by October 1st

GSA’s Information Technology Schedule will have 4 new categories, known as Special Item Numbers (SINs), beginning on October 1st, specifically for Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services:


132-45A                Penetration Testing

132-45B                Incident Response

132-45C                Cyber Hunt

132-45D                Risk and Vulnerability Assessment


Current Schedule 70 vendors that offer these types of services will be required to migrate those services to the new SINs.

In addition to providing a narrative description of services, companies will also be evaluated via an oral exam, where they will explain their way through a variety of scenarios set by a GSA panel. These oral evaluations are required for all vendors who want to offer cyber-security services, even if they already hold a Schedule 70 contract.

Fact Sheets, SIN Descriptions and Oral Evaluation Criteria are available from GSA.

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