Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

Like many agencies, the EPA is putting contingency plans in place, in case of another government shutdown on Oct 1st.  A notice posted to FedBizOpps gives the details:

  • Furlough Actives: employees come into work, secure their workstations, and then go home
  • Shutdown Activities: employees needed to ensure an orderly shutdown will work until the  shutdown is completed
  • Excepted Activities: essential functions will continue to operate – national security, public health and safety, protection of federal property, law enforcement, emergency or disaster assistance.
  • Exempted Activities: some programs have funds from previous cycles which have not expired, and may be exempted.


The document also describes shutdown planning and implementation, travel, payroll , and the process to start everything back up once the shutdown is over.

If you have a contract with the agency, your designated Contracting Officer will let you know how to proceed.

Let’s hope this document is one that won’t be needed on Thursday!

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