How the Government Buys – GSA Advantage!®


GSA’s online shopping and ordering system is called Advantage!®  Any federal agency buyer can browse the site to find millions of products and services, offered by thousands of contractors who have been awarded a GSA Schedule contract.

If you’re considering submitting a GSA contract proposal, begin by browsing the Advantage site to find other companies offering similar products or services. This is your competition!  Check out their products, prices, and terms. Do they require a minimum order? What is their proposed delivery time?  Can you offer a better product? Additional services?  Faster delivery? Additional discounts for quantity orders?  Remember that most prices generally include delivery (FOB Destination), but will sometimes be charged as extra (FOB Origin)


State and local government entities can also use GSA Advantage!® to purchase products and services under both the Cooperative Purchasing Program and the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program.


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