Important! Mandatory Modification for ALL GSA Contract Holders

On June 17th GSA will be issuing a MANDATORY Mass Modification to ALL current GSA contract holders, requiring you to include the manufacturer’s original part number in your GSA Price Lists, and on GSA Advantage.


  • Your GSA price list must be complete and include ALL and services, prices, and terms and conditions that were accepted by the Government at award.  The complete price list must be uploaded to GSA Advantage, via SIP or EDI, including the Manufacturer Part Number.
  •  The Manufacturer Part Number is the unique number or code created by the manufacturer of a specific product, and assigned as a means of standardized product identification. This number cannot be altered in any way. Do not add your own suffixes or prefixes to it.
  • This modification includes ALL Products, including Ancillary Products and fixed-price services like Training Courses.
  •  Even if you have a service contract with NO fixed-price services or ancillary products, and this requirement is therefore not applicable to your contract, you must still acknowledge the requirement.


For help with this requirement, or with any other aspect of your current GSA contract, please contact us at

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