Is a GSA Contract Right for You? Some Research Can Help You Find Out

Before you gather the documentation to submit a GSA contract proposal, take time to do some basic research, and decide if you can be competitive in this market. Remember that being awarded a GSA schedule contract is no guarantee of sales.  Many companies spend their time and resources to prepare and submit a proposal, but subsequently have low or zero sales. Two websites can help you decide:

GSA’s eLibrary is the place to begin.  There are about 40 different GSA Schedules covering a broad range of products and services. Each Schedule is then further sub-divided into Special Item Numbers (SINS). Search the site by keywords to find the Schedule and SIN that best matches the products or services you plan to offer.

  • How many contractors are offering products/services under your proposed Schedule and SIN?
  • Are your prices competitive?
  • What about delivery times – can you match them?
  • Are your products Environmentally Friendly?
  • Are they Trade Agreements Act compliant?


GSA’s Schedule Sales Query (SSQ) website reports sales data of Schedule contractors for specific quarters and fiscal years.

  • How many contractors in your proposed Schedule/SIN  have zero or low sales?
  • What were the sales for the top 5 contractors in the last fiscal year?
  • What were the average sales per contract?




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