Is a GSA Schedule Contract Right for You? Free Training Programs Can Help You Decide

GSA Schedule Contracts can be a great opportunity for a small business to sell their products and services to the federal government – 80% of schedule contract holders are small businesses, and federal agencies purchase over $40 billion via the schedules program.


A GSA schedule contract is no guarantee of sales – you must be able to compete with other contract holders offering similar products and services; you must understand the terms of the contract and the administrative requirements; and you must be willing to market your products/services to federal agencies.


Use GSA’s Vendor Toolbox to Research and Analyze the market, before you decide to take the next step


The Pathways to Success webinar offers a good overview of the Schedules program.  You’re required to complete this as part of your Schedules submission, so it’s a good place to begin.

The webinar covers topics such as whether the Schedule program is a good fit for your company; if you can compete with other schedule contract holders; marketing , contract compliance (administration and reporting requirements); how the approval process works; demonstrating responsibility, and understanding the terms and conditions of the contract

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