Maintaining Your GSA Contract


A GSA-Schedule contract is awarded for 5 years, with options to extend the contract in 5-year increments, up to 20 years! Of course during that time you will need to keep the contract current and accurate – you may wish to add or delete products or services; increase or decrease prices; or change administrative details such as Points-of-Contact. Modifications are a two-step process – first, your modification request is submitted via GSA’s eMod system.  Once approved, the revised catalog must be re-uploaded to Advantage.

Sales Reporting 

You will keep records of sales made via your GSA contract, separated not just from your commercial sales, but also separate from other (non-GSA) sales. You will submit quarterly sales reports (via GSA’s 72a site), and pay the appropriate Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) – currently 0.75% of sales for most schedules, 0.50% for medical schedules. Remember that these fees were built into your GSA pricing. For example, you offer GSA a price of $100.00.  Your prices are posted on GSA Advantage as $100.75, and the purchaser pays that higher amount.  At the end of the quarter you pay back the 75 cents to GSA.)

Contractor Assistance Visits

GSA conducts periodic Contract Assistance Visits (CAV) during the contract period. These assessments are designed to identify issues with contract compliance before they become major problems.

Registrations and Certifications

Make sure that your SAM registration is current and accurate.  Pay attention to changes in your business size status, NAICS codes, company Points-of-Contact and Authorized Negotiators

GSA Advantage!

Make sure your products, services and terms of your contract are posted to GSA Advantage! ® and are accurate and up-to-date. GSA Advantage! ® is an online marketplace for millions of products and services, and gives you a great deal of exposure to federal agency buyers, who are able to make fast and efficient purchases without a lot of paperwork.

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