Make the Most of Your GSA Contract

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded a GSA Schedule contract!  It took a lot of work to gather and submit all the documentation, and negotiate your final award.

But you know that a GSA contract is NO guarantee of sales, and you must market your contract, so that you can make at least the minimum $25,000/yr that the contract requires…and hopefully much more!


  • Register Your Contract – Register your new contract at the Vendor Support Center (VSC).  You’ll receive a user ID and password that you must keep safe.


  • Download the Schedule Input Program (SIP) – Use this program to upload your official Pricelist to GSA Advantage, along with details of your products or services, negotiated pricing and terms, photographs and any product descriptions. You’ll need to include the password you received from the VSC .


  • Register at eBuy – Only GSA schedule contract holders can view and respond to RFQs that agencies post to the eBuy website.  Register at this site with your contract number and your VSC-generated password. Check the site regularly and respond to postings. Consider submitting a ‘No quote’ response when appropriate, so that Contracting Officers can see you are actively looking for opportunities.


  • GSA logo – Only GSA contract holders may download and use GSA’s StarMark logo on their corporate materials. Make sure the logo and your contract number appear on all your company’s marketing materials, including your website, business cards, capability statements, and email auto-signature.


  • Team Up – Take a closer look at other contract holders  offering similar products or services.  Are they your competition, or could they be possible partners? Two GSA contract holders can form a Contractor Team Arrangement,  and submit a proposal for an opportunity where their capabilities are complementary to one another.


  • Stay Informed  – Keep up with changes and initiatives via GSA Interact, FSSI latest updates, GSA conferences


  • Stay Competitive – Keep your information current. All products, labor categories, prices, descriptions, terms and contact information should be kept up-to-date.  Add or delete products or services as needed.  Consider offering temporary price reductions. Track sales, submit sales reports every quarter (even zero sales must be reported), and pay the appropriate quarterly Industrial Funding fee.




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