Protect Your Business in the Event of a Natural Disaster


Tomorrow, Tues Sept 24th, the SBA will be hosting a free webinar on how to prepare your business before disaster strikes. The webinar will include tips and resources to help you protect your business and keep your employees safe. Registration is required. Sign up for the webinar here.

Meanwhile, here are a few preparedness tips:

  • Look at the building where you do business, inside and out, to determine your potential vulnerabilities.
  • Do structural upgrades to protect your property, that can include:
    • Adding a retaining wall or a sump pump,
    • Choosing noncombustible materials for decks,
    • Sealing cracks,
    • Installing permanent hurricane shutters, and
    • Installing impact-rated windows.
  • Calculate the cost of having to shut down operations for a week, a month, or six months. Then investigate insurance options (like business interruption insurance) or build a cash reserve that will allow your company to stay open during the post-disaster recovery phase.


Visit for more information on how to prepare for disasters.

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