Sole Source Contracts

A Sole Source contract may be issued if the agency believes that only one company is qualified to supply a certain product or service.   

The Contracting Officer must conduct market research to justify the Sole Source, obtain formal approval and issue written documents known as ‘Justification & Approval’ (J&A) or ‘Justification for Other Than Open Contract’ (JOFOC).

The justification must describe the proposed product or service; the contractor’s specific qualifications; the market research that was conducted, the efforts made to solicit offers from as many potential sources as possible, determine that the anticipated price will be fair and reasonable; 

FAR 6.302 describes the circumstances that allow for ‘other than full and open’ competition:

  • 6.302-1– Only One Responsible Source
  • 6.302-2– Unusual and Compelling Urgency
  • 6.302-3– Industrial Mobilization; Engineering, Developmental, Research or Expert Services
  • 6.302-4– International Agreement
  • 6.302-5– Authorized or Required by Statute
  • 6.302-6– National Security
  • 6.302-7– Public Interest

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