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The Naval Sea System Command (NAVSEA) has announced their new program to enhance maritime security: HACKtheMACHINE Seattle.

The event will offer a hands-on experience with U.S. Navy equipment and data, and exposure to the digital challenges faced by the Navy that has never been seen in a public event.

Some of America’s most talented and innovative software engineers, data scientists, and security researchers will be attending HACKtheMACHINE Seattle while teaming up to solve vexing digital security challenges. The ideas and innovations at this event will inform the Navy’s thinking about cyber-security, machine learning, and rapid prototyping.


HACKtheMACHINE Seattle will consist of three competitive tracks, as well as executive education.

  • Track 1 – Maritime Capture the Flag: do you have what it takes to hack a ship? The world’s only competitive hacking event will use the world’s first maritime electronic test bed (TRUDI) for conducting cyber-security research. The game includes radio frequency hacking to spoof navigation systems like Automated Identification System (AIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and bridge-to-bridge radio.
  • Track 2 – Data Science and the Seven Seas: Collision Avoidance: Thousands of machines drive the Navy’s ships and submarines. Compete to design algorithms to be used on a maritime data-set culled from ship track data and electronic nautical charts, to build collision prevention systems.
  • Track 3 – Hack for the Oceans: The Navy has a new infrastructure-as-a-service architecture aboard our ships and submarines, but needs an app development community. Compete to build the ultimate app that runs on Navy infrastructure and helps the Navy respond to humanitarian and ecological crises.


There will also be executive education focused on DevOps and agile development, and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect one-on-one with Navy technology and small business experts to learn how they can best work with the Navy.

This is a public event and is open to individuals and small or large businesses that are ready to learn or compete.

The event will be held 21-23 September 2018 in Seattle, Washington. Web registration opens 1 August 2018 at (

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