Where Do I Begin?

You’ve probably heard about the huge potential of the Federal government marketplace – but how can a small business find the opportunities? Where do you start?

There’s so much to understand; so many websites to navigate; so much information to absorb. But you’re busy with the daily challenges of running your business – you don’t have the time to look into this!

What you need is someone who’ll take the time to understand your business…search for opportunities tailored exactly for you…complete the paperwork… find drawings or specifications…research procurement history….submit the offer….keep track of the paperwork…explain shipping and packaging requirements…someone with knowledge, experience and patience…

Did you know that…

  • Most sales opportunities under $150,000 are set-aside exclusively for small businesses.
  • A GSA contract can give you the Approved Vendor status you need to be competitive – but it’s not a requirement to begin, and it’s not the only avenue into this marketplace.


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