A Step-by-Step Path to Submitting Your GSA Proposal

A General Services Administration Schedule contract (GSA contract) can also be referred to as a Federal Supply Schedule contract (FSS contract) or a Multiple Award Schedule Contract (MAS contract).

These contracts offer a great opportunity for many small businesses to sell their products and services to federal agencies….but where do you begin?   The process can be very confusing – even the use of these three interchangeable terms is confusing, and you’ve not even begun!

GSA’s new MAS Roadmap attempts to make things a little easier to understand, with a step-by-step process to Research, Gather Documentation, Submit your Offer and Market to the government

Step 1 – Get Ready

  • Complete the ‘Pathways to Success’ online training module
  • Complete the ‘Readiness Assessment’ online training module
  • Register for a DUNS Number
  • Register at the System for Award Management
  • Obtain a Digital Certificate
  • Complete an ‘Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation Report’
  • Identify the appropriate schedule for your products or services
  • Read through the entire solicitation document to understand the contract’s scope, terms and conditions


Step 2 – Gather Documentation

  • Agent Authorization letter
  • Letter of Supply
  • Financial Statements
  • Previous Cancellation/Rejection Letters
  • Price Proposal Template
  • Labor Category Matrix
  • Commercial Sales Practice
  • Commercial Pricelist
  • Pricing Support Documentation
  • Price Narrative
  • Technical Proposal
  • Professional Compensation Plan
  • Subcontracting Plan
  • End User License Agreements (EULAS) or Terms of Service (TOS) Agreements, if applicable


 Step 3 Submit Your Proposal

  • Submit Your Offer
  • Negotiate Final Award


Step 4 – Post-Award: Market to Agencies

  • Create your FSS Catalog in the required format
  • Upload your products, services and terms to GSA Advantage
  • Market your new GSA Contract to agencies


Well….hope THAT clears things up!!

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