Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Many cities publish guidelines on how to prepare for a range of events, such as a weather-related emergency or an industrial accident. Houston’s Emergency Preparedness Guide offers advice for two types of emergencies – one for staying at home without water or power, and another for a prepared bag you can take if you need to evacuate.

In 2013 the Census Dept.asked people how prepared they were for disasters. The questions covered a number of emergency readiness goals including:

Emergency water supply – 3 gallons for each person in the household

Nonperishable emergency food – enough to feed everyone for 3 days

Emergency evacuation kit

Emergency meeting location

Communication plan – including a plan if there’s no cell phone service

Evacuation vehicle – able to carry everyone in the household up to 50 miles away

Evacuation funds – for expenses up to $2,000

House or building number clearly visible

A generator

Access to financial information

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