Getting the Most Out of FedBizOpps

If you’re familiar with FedBizOpps, you know that almost all contract postings over $25,000 are available at that site, and that you can search for opportunities via keywords, NAICS (Industry) codes or Product codes. But are you getting the most out of the site?

Events, Industry Days, Sources Sought, and Market Research: use this function to get ahead of the curve!  These notices let you know that agencies are at the beginning stage of a contract – looking to see if small businesses are out there; deciding on the type of contract that would be most appropriate; giving you an opportunity to market your products or services as a solution.

Automated Searches: use the ‘Search Agents’ tab to set up a range of searches that can be sent directly to your email – every day, every week or however often you choose.  Once you start getting the notifications, refine the searches to find that ‘sweet spot’ where you see all the relevant opportunities, but aren’t flooded with too many unsuitable notices.

Awards: use Award information to find which companies are currently selling to the agency – your competition!  Find older awards that may be up for re-compete in the near future.

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