Make Sure Your Products Get Delivered!

When shipping products to federal agencies, you must comply with the agency’s packaging, labeling and marking requirements.

Agencies use the term ‘Frustrated Freight’ to describe a shipment that is stopped from moving forward along the supply chain because of improper packaging, packing, marking or labeling.

Federal Standard 123 applies when items are to be delivered to civilian agencies, or shipped to GSA supply centers or depots

Military Standard 129 applies for all Dept. of Defense orders, or when orders are shipped to military consolidation points

All RFQs issued at the Dept. of Defense Internet Bid Board site (DIBBS) contain specific information on how the product must be packaged, marked and labelled.

You can find a lot of good information on the DLA Packaging website

GSA’s Delivery webpage includes all the information you need to ensure packages for GSA Federal and Military Customers and packages are prepared properly.The webpage includes examples of compliant labels, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, guidance for compliant labels and packaging materials, and more…


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