What is SEWP?

You may have heard of a GSA Schedule contract, but it’s not the only long-term multiple-award contract out there.

Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP), is another multi-award, government-wide contract which is specifically focused on IT products and services, and just like GSA contracts, can be used by any federal agency.

However, unlike GSA, SEWP contracts are only awarded during a specific time period, and no further contracts are added until the next open period.  The latest round of 5-year awards began in May 2015.

Another difference is that there is no SEWP online catalog for agencies to search, (unlike GSA’s Advantage site). SEWP is a request-based contract – that is, agencies issue an RFQ for the IT products/services they need, and the existing contract holders supply a quote.

A list of current SEWP contract holders is available at the agency website.

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