What Makes a Successful Federal Contractor? Do Your Research!

The government wants to work with established, reliable businesses – with a track record of supplying quality goods and services, delivered on time and within budget.

Does the government buy the products or services you offer? How big is the potential market?  Who is the competition? Can you be competitive?


Federal Procurement Data System

The FPDS site contains federal contracting data for contracts over $25,000. Find out which agencies are buying, and which companies are consistently being awarded contracts.



Track government spending at USASpending.gov. Try to identify government purchasing trends


Procurement Forecasts

Each government agency releases a procurement forecast that includes contracting opportunities for small businesses. Find out which agencies are buying what you sell.



Search the FedBizOpps site to check out past contract awards. Are you familiar with the company awarded the contract?  Does the current contract expire soon? When you see notice of a new solicitation, ask the Contracting Officer if there is an incumbent.



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