GSA Issues Final ‘Transactional Data Reporting’ Rule

GSA has issued a final Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Rule, which will be implemented through a pilot program for existing contractors under eight GSA Schedules.

1) No More CSP Disclosures or Price Reduction Tracking

The new rule removes the Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) disclosures and Price Reductions Clause basis-of-award tracking requirement.

  • The CSP regulation requires contractors to disclose any discounts they offer to commercial customers for similar products and services.
  • The Price Reduction Clause requires contractors to monitor their pricing over the life of the contract, and provide GSA with the same price reductions they give to commercial customers.


2) More Data Reporting on Purchases Made via GSA Schedules

Contractors will be required to report monthly on key procurement data (prices paid, quantity, part number and product description) for all GSA purchases. This information will be used by Contracting Officers when they make purchasing decisions, and negotiate future contracts.


3) Gradual Rollout Across Schedules

An initial 8 Schedules will be part of the pilot program:

  • Schedule 58 I – Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing and Signal Data Solutions: All SINs
  • Schedule 72 – Furnishing and Floor Coverings: All SINs
  • Schedule 03FAC – Facilities Maintenance and Management: All SINs
  • Schedule 51 V – Hardware Superstore: All SINs
  • Schedule 75 – Office Products: All SINs
  • Schedule 73 – Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services: All SINs
  • Schedule 00CORP – The Professional Services Schedule: SINs 871-1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, and 7 (Professional Engineering Services)
  • Schedule 70 – General Purpose Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services: SINs 132-8 (Hardware), 132-32, 33, 34 (Software), 132-54 and 55 (COMSATCOM)


4) Schedules 58 I and 72 Will be the First Affected – in July and August

The first two schedules involved – 58 I and 72 – will begin with a formal notification sometime in July, followed by a mass modification and refresh in late August.

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