How to Market to Agencies

How to Market to Agencies

Marketing directly to Contracting Officers with a corporate Capability Statement is a great way to begin – but it can be hard to get noticed, and too often your efforts end up on the wrong desk, or in that great ‘round file folder’ in the sky!

July 2014

Watch for Industry Days and Vendor Outreach Sessions at your target agency, where you can get information on upcoming requirements, and meet directly with program managers and contracting officials.


The Vendor Collaboration tab on FedBizOpps gives you access to agency communication plans, upcoming industry days, pre-RFP conferences and vendor forums, as well as conferences and training events.

Take the time to get familiar with an agency’s needs, upcoming procurements and forecasts, so that your meetings can be targeted and productive; and always take the time to respond to posted Requests for Information, Sources Sought or Market Research notices.

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